The Team

Jack Hutchinson – Co-Founder and Chief Editor
Jack doing his best Undertaker impersonation in NYC

One of the Founders and Chief Editors of the Jumper Network, this smooth, sexy Centre loves the Celtics, Enes Kanter and going far beyond any allocated word count to explore preposterous trades that would never happen.

Instagram: @Heads_of_Hutch

Twitter: @Heads_of_Hutch

Harry Rutner Co-Founder and Chief Editor
Harry enjoying his time court side at Staples Centre

The more handsome of the two Founders and Chief Editors of the Jumper Network, Harry plays a solid water boy/orange segment provider, loves the Los Angeles Lakers and insists that Paul Pierce’s game winner against Atlanta in Game 3 is a top 5 NBA moment. Harry is a presenter on the Calling Bank Podcast.

Instagram: @callingbankpod

Twitter: @callingbankpod

James Seymour – Coast to Coast Podcast
James showing off his pearly whites

Writer of words and lover of shoot first combo guards.

James co-founded Coast to Coast: A Basketball Podcast and now writes for The Jumper Network. He’s been a Cavs fan for 20 years, so you’ll have to bear with him over Collin Sexton.

Instagram: @_jamesseymour

Podcast IG: @coasttocoast_podcast

Tom Ballhausen – Writer