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Playoffs Day 10: Bucks move on and the Jazz strike the right cord

The NBA Playoffs just hit 10 days old and on it’s 10 day birthday we were treated to some masterful performances from the top two MVP candidates.

Only one was able to close out their series today and head to the second round. 

Milwaikee Bucks (4-0) vs Detriot Pistons (0-4): 127 to 104

This series has come to an end…mercifully.

There isn’t a lot to say of this game or this series that can’t be expressed in Giannis highlights. There was this passage of craziness:

Which was followed by this craziness:

And then it was over. Giannis put up a casual 41 and 9, winning the series for the Bucks in Detroit. Blake Griffin had a 22-5-6 game in 27 minutes which was impressive, but not enough to produce any interest here.

Thankfully we now can confirm that the Celtics will face the Bucks in the second round, which will make for an extremely entertaining Eastern Conference duel. Neither the Bucks or Celtics were challenged particularly in their first rounds, so it will be refreshing to get them in what could be shaping up as the best series of the second round outside of a potential Rockets/Warriors series.

Speaking of which…

Houston Rockets (3-1) vs Utah Jazz (1-3): 91 to 107

To say my confidence in Donovan Mitchell wained is an understatement. But boy was he good today.

Donovan Mitchell turned in a 31 point, 7 rebound performance in a game the Jazz needed to stave off elimination. 19 of those points came in the 4th quarter, with Jae Crowder providing a solid 23 points to push the Jazz above 100.

The real story however is how the Jazz were able to hold Houston under 100.

Only mustering 5 bench points (all by Austin Rivers) and turning the ball over 16 times, the Rockets played poorly, despite good performances from their stars in Harden and Paul.

The good news for Houston fans is that this is not the norm, and a game 5 victory is the expectation heading back to Houston.

Next game @ Houston: Thursday (25/4) at 10am AEST

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